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15 th February 2017

smooth ride


I am currently test driving the Porsche Panamera 4S. It’s such a beautiful car and was a great way to take my son to Cyberport this morning. Most people tend to buy a 4 wheel drive or an Alphard post baby, but I wasn’t ready to go for the full on Mum car just yet.

We are currently driving the old Panemera model, and our car is a nice compromise to the family vehicle. Its 4 doors make it so easy with the baby seat and dog,and there is lots of boot space for my husband’s golf clubs and the pram. The functionality of our existing car is why I was so interested to drive the new model.

And I can assure you that the new model is amazing to drive. The differences I have noticed so far is the increased performance from the engine, the responsiveness is amazing, and the sound is brilliant. The adjustment in dynamics also makes you feel as though you are driving on rails.

My favourite feature is the massage function, I had it on shiatsu for the entire drive and it got all the pressure points.

I also love the camera function when you are parking.

After driving this model I don’t want to get back in my old car, the upgraded model is like a spaceship.

Hamilton and I don’t want to give this car back we are in LOVE and want to drive around getting massages and listening to Rhianna all day long! Rebecca xx



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14 th February 2017

Happy Valentines Day to Me


There really is nothing worse than having a sick baby. Since we have returned home from our ski trip, my baby Hamilton has come down with a winter virus. Luckily he only started to fall ill on the flight home and not while we were on holidays.

His fever has been up and down, I am so paranoid I have probably been measuring his temperature every 10 minutess. My amazing GP Nicola Salmond made a house visit to check on him and confirmed that there was nothing he could really take, we just had to wait it out and rest at home. She recommended a humidifier and baby panadol every 6 hours.

Because he has never experienced the feeling of being sick before, his stuffy nose and cough is really traumatic for him. He has been having fits of crying spells and trouble eating. He is also waking regularly in the night. He is very needy of my attention and won’t be put down; he wants cuddles and love 24/7!

After the last few nights of very little sleep and a sick baby stuck to me like glue,  I decided to pop into Landmark for some retail therapy. I snuggled baby Hamilton in a warm pajama onsie and layered him up in blankets and we both popped into Roger Vivier. I love a brand with an interesting and inspiring story behind it. Roger Vivier’s brand is such a fascinating story of creativity and imagination.

The Roger Vivier flat shoes have become my go to footwear since I became a mum; my hubby called them my ‘mum shoes’. I’m pictured here wearing the Rachel Compey jacket and jeans outside the Roger Vivier Landmark store.

Just incase you don’t already know the story…. Roger Vivier creates shoes that are like sculptures. In 1924, he began studying at the Beaux Arts of Paris (sculpture course) which he abandoned two years later for shoemaking and started with an apprenticeship. Fascinated by theater and music halls, Vivier designed theater decors. Backstage, he encountered Josephine Baker and Mistinguette for whom he began designing custom-made shoes.
With the success of his first models, he opened a boutique in Paris on the rue Royale, in 1937 before established in the rue François 1er.

He seduced the most elegant and fascinating of women the world over: many of these my fashion icons and strong inspiring women in history. Queen Elizabeth II chose him to create the shoes she was to wear on her coronation day in 1953. Jacqueline Kennedy, Grace Kelly, the empress of Iran and the Duchess of Windsor were to name but a few of his amazing clientele.

In 1953, having worked together several years, Christian Dior invited Roger Vivier to design the shoes that were to be presented with his dresses. From there and until he died in 1998, he met and worked with most of the leading names of fashion as Yves Saint Laurent or Madame Grès.

This artistic heritage and exceptional tradition found new life with the renaissance of the brand in 2003 and extended its expertise not only to shoes and bags but also to small leather goods, jewellery and sunglasses, becoming a global brand of luxury accessories.
Bruno Frisoni, the creative director, has pursued the work and vision of Roger Vivier by adding each season new chapters to this inspiring story.

Ines de la Fressange, a recognized figure of an elegance so typically French, represents the sophisticated allure of the Parisian brand as well as the irony and fantasy which make the maison’s style unique and inimitable.

They both offer today an experience that is unique in the world of luxury. The experience of invisible paradoxes that places Roger Vivier in a spectacular universe and a world of dream.

So there’s the brand history, fascinating isn’t it?! But to the more important part, what did I buy???… I spotted the Roger Viver Valentines Day capsule and I couldn’t resist. I bought the entire collection and raced home excitedly to unpack and style some outfits for the week ahead. This week I will incorporate this romantic capsule collection into my wardrobe. Watch out for these cute pieces in my outfits this week. Hope you love my new purchases as much as I do. Rebecca xx


    Roger Vivier, Landmark.

14 th February 2017

My purchases


After one of my most difficult days to date as a new mum, with a sick baby at home, I spoilt myself with an early Valentines Day present from Roger Vivier mini collection titled« Love Tattoo ».

I have never gifted myself on Valentines Day but I thought I could get away with it now that I have a son. I love the print on the collection. The hearts and wings are magical and romantic. I love my little family so much and truly believe that love can give us wings. Roger Vivier introduces the Wings of Love. The red of the heart and the word “Love”, with an impertinent design and an effortless style, flutter with joy on shoes, bags and accessories, and characterize the day of love, Roger Vivier’s Saint Valentine’s.

A graphic design, like a heartbeat and the striking of love, lends emotion to Roger Vivier’s classic models. Sneaky Viv’ and Pilgrim Clutch, sneakers, Gommette pumps and court shoes with buckles, are all delightfully enhanced by the passage of hearts and wings, which lend flight to beauty and red street magic. Hope you love my new purchase as much as I do and I am excited to style them in with my existing wardrobe. Rebecca xx



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