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09 th January 2017

DIY Holiday Project


Nothing says “I love you” better than cosy shoes handcrafted by mommy or daddy! Ibility’s DIY kit from Lane Crawford were a fun gift to make our little one over the holidays. Rebecca xx



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    Ibility’s DIY kit from Lane Crawford:

08 th January 2017

New Year Resolutions 2017


Happy Sunday and a very happy New Year to all my readers! Now that it’s officially 2017, we have a blank canvass. I do have to say, my New Year resolutions for 2017 are much different than usual.

2016 was a year of transition. On October 19th I gave birth to my little boy, Hamilton Cos McGeoch, and although there were many amazing memories, there were also many personal struggles. You can read about my heath struggles and recovery HERE.

This brings me to my 2017 goals. Instead of focusing on material achievements this year, I decided to focus on things that make me happy and healthy. As this is my first year of motherhood I want to re-prioritize, slow down and enjoy every moment, since there is absolutely nothing that compares to motherhood. It’s still so surreal to be able to wake up every day knowing that there is a little munchkin that I can call all my own. The feeling of warmth and love when he looks up at me and smiles is indescribable. This year will be filled with so many firsts. Hamilton’s first flight, first holiday, crawling, and hopefully walking. Watching my husband become a father has also been one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

I have decided to set some goals for this year and share them with you. These goals will hopefully help me achieve a healthy and happy year full of exciting firsts with my husband, and our beautiful baby boy. So here they are;


This may sound selfish but it’s not. I need to feel strong physically and mentally, that’s when I’m able to perform my best and be the best mum and wife. This year I will put ME first, because when I take care of me, then I can take care of those around me. I want to change up my diet to include a green juice or super smoothing in the morning. Exercise regularly. Hike weekly and enjoy a healthy active outdoor lifestyle.


If something is bothering me or hanging over my head, I’m going to deal with it straight away. This year is all about getting it done and moving on. I’m going to write to-do lists and check them off regularly and not leave things to the last minute.


I’m never the planner, I usually leave it to other people (mostly my husband).

This year I’m going to be the initiator… more breakfasts, more coffee catch-up’s, dinner dates and more cocktails! I also want to plan better when I go on holidays or weekends away. Research where to stay, restaurants, bars, boutiques, things to do and see so I make the most of any time I have away with my husband and we have the most exciting, relaxing and enjoyable time possible.


I find that I have become too reliant on working with photographers. I am getting sent more limited edition products that I want to be able to share with my readers on arrival. Also when I travel I want to be taking photos in the moment rather then scheduling a photo-shoot and staging memories. That’s not to say I wont work with a photographer, but I want o be able to share more of my actual life and memories as and when they happen. When I do work with photographers I want to have a clearer idea of how I want the photos to look, colour, and composition so I can have one clear message across all of my channels. I will keep you posted when I find a photographer teacher, or school in Hong Kong, and share my experience.


My father is from Bari, Italy. I would love to be fluent in Italian so that I can teach baby Hamilton. I will also keep you posted on where I will start learning, along with my progress.


Living in Hong Kong we are in such close proximity to amazing resorts and exciting vibrant cities, I want to travel more for short weekend trips away. I think that it will help me to create better blog content and keep my inspired. I also get regular emails from my readers asking where to stay in Hong Kong, as such I want to be up to date with all the local hotel offerings.


I have been super lazy since moving into my new home in December 2015. I always spend my shopping budget on cloths and shoes. Since having a baby and spending so much more time at home I really want to beautify my home space. I found a renewed passion for interior design when I decorated Hamilton’s nursery. I want to do the same for the rest of the house and make comfy, functional, yet gorgeous, rooms to enjoy our day to day within.


I didn’t realize how many cloths and shoes I owned that I never wear until I converted my dressing room into a nursery. I am going to set up an RJMStyle Archive sale and sell these preloved goodies to my readers. Watch this space (@RJMArchiveSale).


I really want to get my Youtube channel going this year. I don’t know about you but I am bored with 2D images, I want to see not only what people I follow are wearing but also the personality behind the blogger. I think that video really captures this like a photo never could.


From my snapchat and instaram style (RJMSTYLE) I am sure you will see that I am a closet foodie. I love cooking at home and eating our around Hong Kong. I hope to share this with you more this year.


A new category I would love to add to the blog and focus on along with the fashion.

MAKE RJMSTYLE.COM better then ever. Some well overdue changes are coming. I want to improve my website this year. I want to focus more on my writing and active content. Watch this space.


I used to work on the format that I would shoot 5-7 looks in a 3-hour shoot and then blog daily on a delayed basis using the content. However, with the ongoing adoption of instagram story and snapchat, I feel that it looks strange when I am wearing a different outfit that I blogged about on that day. That’s not to say that I will never go to a location, pre plan, and shoot a beautiful fashion look, however I think that social media is now craving more live action, and a closer look at the personality behind the blog. What are you really wearing? Where are you wearing it? How do you really do your make up and hair daily? Rather then all the pre staged blogging and image crafting. I feel this year is demanding more Real Time Delivery. I think I can achieve this by taking most of my own photos and sharing more of my passions and interest via the various forms of social media.

At the end of 2017 I would like to say that I was able to be the best mom, wife, and my truly authentic self.  Happy 2017 everyone, let’s make this year the best year possible! Now that I’ve shared my goals, what are your own targets for 2017? Rebecca xx

 “To be happy, don’t do whatever you like. Instead, like whatever you do. Happiness comes not from having much to live on, but from having much to live for.”

–Author Unknown

Favourite Outfits of 2016 HERE 


    Landmark, Central Hong Kong.

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07 th January 2017

Best of 2016

Baby , Outfit

Here are some of my favorites from this year. I was pregnant with baby Hamilton in all these looks. What an amazing 2016 but I am so ready for 2017, I have a good feeling about this year. Rebecca xx



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