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27 th February 2017



One of my favorite coffee shops/ bakeries in Hirfau is Mariposa. I have an unhealthy obsession with there cinnamon scrolls which they make fresh daily. If you go in the morning they are still warm from the oven. Pictured here on my morning coffee / scroll run. Rebecca xx


27 th February 2017

New Panamera


Courage changes everything, is the essence of the New Panamera 4S. Courage to me is the strength to be yourself and follow your passions. A passion of mine is definitely cars. I love the everyday luxury of driving a beautiful car. The Porsche Panamera 4S is more than just a visual luxury, as looks from the outside can be deceiving. The inside of the car is really where the luxury lies. It really is like a spaceship inside. The lush leather seats and all the attention to detail put into the making of this car is really incredible.

You can see from the pictures that there is not a huge amount of difference to the outside of the two models. The new lights and side mirrors are sleeker, along with a modernised body shape, which were the main features that i noticed. But the differences inside were huge. My favorite new function was the comprehensive camera parking. You can see every car around you on a computer screen along with your distance from each of them. For someone who struggles with parking in Hong Kong, where space is super tight, it is a significant help.

The Massage feature that I mentioned in a previous blog, HERE, is also amazing. I put the Shitsu massage on for my entire car ride.

There is also a huge difference in functionality for the backseat passengers. I am mostly sitting in the backseat since having little Hamilton, and now you are able to control the music and many more functions from the back.

This will definitely be my next car. I cant wait to upgrade to the new Panemera 4S. I am in love. What do you think of the colour combination? Rebecca xx



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21 st February 2017



I found the cutest little bar in Hirafu. I had the most amazing Green Tea flavor cocktail. It was so refreshing it tasted like a mint slice biscuit. Rebecca xx


    16 Minami1 Nishi1, Kutcan Town

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